Changchun University of Science and Technology

Preparatory Program of Business Direction(Path C)


Entry Requirements

  • Non-Chinese Citizen, good health and under the age of 30.
  • High school diploma or above.
  • The Chinese Proficiency should be no less than HSK 3, (students are advised to sign up for HSK examination all over the world in time) or pass the Chinese Test held by CUST around early December and the specific time will be notified later.

Basic Information

·Starting Date : Feb 24 , 2021
·Duration: 1 Semester
Teaching Language : Chinese
Application Deadline: Dec 13 , 2020
Tuition : RMB 10,000 In Total
Application Fee: USD 75 (Non-Refundable)
Service Fee: USD 100 (Non-Refundable)
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